Not another one opportunity!
The one!
Accept the challenge with LRHub!
We have been developing for 7 years
We started as students ourselves! So we know exactly what you need for a successful start
We will teach you how to analyze, advocate, and implement!
Youth are the drivers of change and development in our country! At a time when Ukraine is struggling for its existence and future, quality education and the first practical experience of youth, who will participate in the processes of Ukraine's restoration and rebuilding, are important aspects of the struggle. Therefore, it is important to give the younger generation the opportunity to express themselves. Considering that we ourselves started as a student initiative, we consider it our duty to help young people at the beginning of realizing their ambitions and ideas. So, we decided to create a platform for acquiring knowledge and skills, and most importantly, their practical application in Ukrainian realities for youth.
We offer not just an additional line in the resume, but real experience of interaction with government, business, and society. Take the challenge from LRHub.
What opportunities exist in LRHub?
Are you studying at university and looking for a real opportunity, not just a checkbox in your diary? - Fill out the 'internship' form and test yourself in real conditions.
Do you have an idea to improve your community and are looking for an opportunity to implement it? Apply for the unique LRHub internship program and start your journey with us!
Our team has developed a comprehensive program within which you will have the opportunity to test your ideas, improve your skills in law, project management, and advocacy, work with mentors and a team of like-minded people, undergo stress testing from profile experts, including government and business entities, get inspired, and develop new projects. Make an impact on your community right now!

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