An economically developed country
is born from
capable communities!
Since 2016, we have been implementing effective tools for sustainable economic growth.
We employ a comprehensive approach to achieve tangible results.
We will propose effective mechanisms, teach how to use them, and assist in their implementation at the local and national levels.
Since 2016, our team has been working on creating effective solutions that benefit all participants of the process - businesses, government, and the public - to build strong local self-government based on sustainable economic growth.
The collaboration between our organization and territorial communities in the field of local economic development aims to implement tools that create conditions for local economic growth, as well as best practices at the local level and improving the quality of life for residents. Comprehensive cooperation of all stakeholders helps to define the strategic vision and goals of economic development, based on the resources and opportunities of the community. LRHub successfully implements regulatory and anti-corruption practices in the country, has experience working with over 80 communities in 16 regions, conducts training, monitors the regulatory framework, develops methodological materials, provides consultations, and more.
One of the main areas of activity is regulatory policy. LRHub provides step-by-step support to authorities with regulatory powers on the path to adopting regulatory acts. As a result, most communities adopt regulatory acts in compliance with the regulatory procedure, significantly reducing the likelihood of adopting poor regulations, administrative burdens on businesses, and so on. The Hub offers its expertise and experience, provides methodological materials developed over years of activity and successfully tested in other communities, to help comprehensively assess and improve the regulatory environment.
Regulatory Review
Regulatory Standard
Development of Regulatory Acts and Regulatory Impact Assessments
Regulatory and Anti-corruption Expertise
Enhancement of Regulatory Procedure for Public Service Obligations

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