Here, you can see a brief overview of our activities in the English version. If you need full information about a specific project implemented by our organization, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail using the button below.

A brief overview of our implemented projects

Realization of regulatory functions by civil-military administrations

Within the cooperation with the UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Program, educational visits were held to Lviv and Chervonograd for representatives of local self-government bodies and military-civilian administrations of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
The purpose of the visit was to bust the capacity of local communities to apply tools and approaches to create a positive environment for the effective development of small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, for three days, we presented successful practices in the relevant areas of economic development to our colleagues.
Within the project, LRH experts also developed useful materials on the powers of civil-military administrations within the scope of the Law of Ukraine “On the principles of state regulatory policy in the area of economic activity”. 

City Helper - your available and fast interlocutor in City Council

Supported by East Europe Foundation and financed by European Union, we implemented the project aimed at the transformation of the city of Chervonohrad, improvement of cooperation between local citizens and City Council and strengthening mutual trust by creating a chat-bot that provides a simple and fast way of communication with the authority. 

Economic well-being of communities through regulatory and anti-corruption expertise of local decisions

The project implemented together with State Regulatory Service and National Agency on Corruption Prevention with the support of EU Anti-corruption Initiative. It is aimed at increasing the culture of integrity in Ukraine through the involvement of business, civil society, and mass media and consists of the following elements:
1. Development of methodology of regulatory and anti-corruption expertise of acts and draft acts;
2. Conducting training for the authorities, business, civil society, and anti-corruption commissioners;
3. Determination of the areas regulated by local regulations in which corruption risks are widespread. Preparation of recommendations for their elimination.

Determination and advocacy of priority spheres of the business community of the city of Lviv on the eve of local elections in 2020

As a result of the implementation of the project supported by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE):
– the main priorities of business for the City Council were determined;
– the attention of civil society and local government to the problems of business communities was paid;
– the efforts of political parties and candidates for the mayor on solving issues of business was intensified;
– a dialogue between the authorities, business and civil society for effective cooperation and determination of development options was mobilized.

Social initiatives

Reacting to the challenges of the global pandemic COVID-19 LRH team together with involved experts started the social initiative #helping_business. Within this initiative, we provided free online consultations for representatives of small businesses in the city of Lviv and Lviv Region concerning the changes in the legislation.

Deregulate together! Platforms for renewal of the business climate and development of entrepreneurship" with the support of the USAID Program "Competitive Economy of Ukraine

The project aimed at strengthening the capacity of business associations, supporting of entrepreneurship and local self-government bodies to establish an effective public-private dialogue and maintain a balance of interests during the process of regulatory decisions making with the help of local platforms for effective regulation, their tools, algorithm
creation and activity.

The assesment of the administrative burden and bureaucratic procedures of business development at the local level in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Lviv Regulatory Hub supported by the UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Program in Ukraine implemented a project aimed to create favorable conditions for business in the territory of communities in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The program contributes to the development of an analysis of the administrative burden and bureaucratic procedures at the local level, developing recommendations for improving the factors of economic growth at the local level.

As a result, the project team also developed a widely used Regulatory review methodology for local councils and a guide ‘Regulatory policy of local self-government bodies’ that all the cities are free to use.

Effective regulatory policy as a way to prevent and counter corruption

For eight months, our team worked comprehensively on acting regulations in the city of Chervonohrad. As a result, we approbated a new model of a comprehensive study of the economic component of the city. Now, we continue to work with the Chervonohrad City Council on the way to implementing our recommendations.

Connection of communities of the Lviv region to the electronic bidding system "Prozorro.Sale"

Transparent instruments of communities’ economic development provided by the system “Prozorro.Sale” LRH implemented 2 stages of the project, the purpose of which was to provide an increase in revenues to local government budgets, ensure openness in the management of communal property, minimize corruption risks and attract investment by popularizing the electronic trading system “Prozorro.Sales” in local governments within 10 pilot communities of Lviv and Volyn regions, spreading transparency and accountability tools, holding training seminars and consultations on the use of the system.