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Lviv Regulatory Hub

– is a public startup where universal principles of building strong local self-government on the basis of sustainable economic growth are developed

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As of 29.12.2021

The number of RA drafts and active RAs that our team analyzed (prepared expert conclusions), calculated and created including clarification and making changes to the main text and accompanying documents.
The amount of money saved for small and medium-sized businesses and budgets of different levels from the implementation of the regulations developed by us for 1 year of operation.
Additional revenues for communities and the state obtained from regulations introduced or updated by us (excluding local taxes and fees)
A transparent and accountable regulatory basis has been created for attracting investments into the economy of communities and the country in general.
Local and central government bodies, as well as civil-military administrations that received comprehensive assistance in building an effective and transparent mechanism for the creation, discussion and adoption of regulatory acts in the form of consulting support, conducting educational seminars and trainings, preparing RA drafts, etc.
Conducting public events and educational seminars on regulatory policy, e-tools and services, advocacy activities for deputies, employees and management teams of local self-government bodies, public and business associations, students, etc.
Measurable benefits of proposed regulations under consideration by authorities
Multipurpose methodical materials and model solutions that can be used by all communities of Ukraine

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